HIS 2361 Course Schedule

Lecture Title
Native Canada at Contact Slides
Newcomers: The Imperial Context and European Arrival Slides
Early French Canada, 1604 to 1663
The Iroquois Wars, 1609 to 1656
The Royal Colony of New France, 1663 Slides
New France in the Age of Frontenac, 1672 to 1698
In order to participate and receive marks in today's workshop, you must identify, read and bring to class a scholarly article or scholarly book chapter of your choice pertaining to Governor Frontenac and his administration in New France.
No slides tonight, the lecture materials will be distributed in class.

6 Native-Newcomer Relations to 1701 Slides
Early British Canada: Newfoundland, Hudson's Bay and Contested Acadia to 1713 Slides
Mi'kmaq Treaties, 1713 to 1760 Slides
Life in New France, 1713 to 1754 Slides
10 Newfoundland and Hudson's Bay, 1713 to 1763 Slides
The Acadian Experience, 1713 to 1763
12 War, Conquest and the Legacy of New France, 1754 to 1763
No slides tonight.  It is Jonathan's guest lecture, the final workshop and review for the final exam.

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