HIS 3100 Course Schedule

Date Title/Description Materials
Jan 8 Course Introduction
The Changing Story of History in U of O's HIS1101

Jan 12 Trends and Debates in Canadian History
Jan 15 Who Writes Canadian History, Anyway?
*After our discussion today, I came home and found the following relevant article on CBC re: Wikipedia.
* Another in the Globe today (January 30, 2009)
Jan 19 The Politics of Commemoration
There are no slides today.
If you want to further consider the examples presented in class, here are some materials from varying perspectives. (They are not required readings, but are provided for further interest):
1 Julia D. Harrison, "'The Spirit Sings' and the Future of Anthropology," Anthropology Today 4, no. 6 (December 1988): 6-9.
2 Bruce G. Trigger, "Reply [to Julia D. Harrison] by Bruce Trigger," Anthropology Today 4, no. 6 (December 1988): 9.
3 Victor Rabinovitch, "Narrating Public History and the Canadian Bomber Command Controversy (2005-2007)," unpublished paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Historical Association, Vancouver, 2008.
4 Robert Bothwell, Randall Hansen, and Margaret McMillan, "Controversy, Commemoration and Capitulation: the Canadian War Museum and Bomber Command," Queen's Quarterly 115, no. 3 (2008): 366-387.

Jan 22 Canadian Historiography
In class, we will look at a historiography paper (Dick), and discuss sample structures for the paper required for this class.  We will also review the paper requirements . The final paper is due April 9.
*The Dick paper, as well as through America: History and Life , is also online here .
Jan 26/
Jan 29
Seminar 1: Iroquois Warfare
*No slides for seminar classes!  Make sure to prepare your required readings, and be ready to discuss them in class.  The reading reports are due by 5pm on Friday.

Feb 2/
Feb 5
Seminar 2: The Loyalists

Feb 9/
Feb 12
Seminar 3: The Underground Railroad
Research Plan due February 12

Feb 23/
Feb 26
Seminar 4: Sir John A.

Mar 2/
Mar 5
Seminar 5: July 1, 1867
In the syllabus, I asked you to use "Paper of Record" to find and compare two newspaper articles contemporary to Confederation.  "Paper of Record," unfortunately, is no longer intact; it has been bought by Google and the new search engine is not effective.  I will instead refer you to this site , where Library and Archives Canada has brought together transcripts of such newspaper articles. Look under the four original provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario) and feel free to use anything from the first week of Confederation (July 1-7, 1867) for your analysis. Since you do not have to spend time doing the research, please read more articles --- at least one from each province --- in preparation for class. Enjoy!

Mar  9/
Mar 12
Seminar 6: Louis Riel

Mar 16/
Mar 19
Seminar 7: The Chinese Experience in British Columbia, 1871-1900

Mar 23/
Mar 26
Seminar 8: Nationalism, Recruitment and Conscription, 1914-1918

Mar 30 King-Byng and the Role of the Governor General
The lecture today looks at the historiographical treatment of the King-Byng Affair, and also uses this content to reiterate the historiography approach required in the final paper.
Apr 2 Trudeau and the FLQ Crisis

Apr 6 No lecture or new material today.
*I will be in the classroom during the regular scheduled time for essay and footnote consultations.
Apr 9 Review
Final Paper due

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